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I'm Grieving As Fast As I Can

The author's world turned upside down after her husband of 49 years died.  While the advice and comments from friends and family were well-intentioned, they often felt like salt in an open wound. Nancy Clark lays bare her very personal journey from anguish, anger and despair to hope and even joy.  Unlike other books about grief, this one includes evidence of the afterlife as Ms. Clark recollects her own near-death experiences and describes several after-death experience communications, offering reassurance that our loved ones are always with us.


"This unique book offers a wealth of information about grief and after-death communication (ADC) experiences.  I recommend it very highly to everyone who is providing emotional support to someone who is grieving the death of a loved one. I wish it had been available when many of my family members and friends had died."  ~ Bill Guggenheim, co-author, Hello From Heaven!

"Stop Trying to Fix Me: I'm Grieving As Fast As I Can is the unflinching personal experience of a widow who is just now beginning to emerge from profound grief some two years after her husband's death.  Clark shares what it has been like to experience his rapidly declining health, the death itself, and the two years since his death - what she has found helpful and what has increased her sense of grief and isolation.  She reminds readers that each person's grief is unique to them, including the process of healing itself and how long it takes until they begin to have a glimpse of resuming life without their loved one.  Her earlier near-death experience and profound spiritually-transformative experience have supported her in the grieving process in that she is certain of life-after-death, but they do not blunt the raw pain of missing a life-long love.  Experiences of after-death communication from her deceased husband have contributed to her healing process as well.  She has courageously written of her loss in the midst of the loss, not from the vantage point of someone who is writing about the memory of a loss.  From that perspective, her writing will be especially helpful to people who are currently undergoing overwhelming grief.  One of the most helpful things we can experience when we are in the midst of grief is to hear the personal story of someone who is working through her grief and beginning to see a glimpse of hope for the future.  Nancy Clark is that companion on the journey and I recommend this book not only to bereaved loved ones, but also to counselors, friends and people with near-death experiences and spiritually-transformative experiences as they strive to be helpful to bereaved people in their lives."  ~ Pam Kircher, MD, author, Love is the Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares her Experience of Near-Death and Dying

"The death of a spouse after a long loving marriage can be and often is devastating to the survivor.  It leaves an open wound that cannot be cauterized, and certainly not by formulaic well-meaning words intended either to comfort or to change the subject away from the survivor's unbearable, unrelenting grief.  Nancy Clark has had to endure both her grief and the sometimes almost heartless attempts of others to "cure her of her sorrow."  This is her moving and searingly honest testimony that shows that while grief may someday at least subside, the love that animates it only grows stronger.  Nancy's grief is a kind of sacred remembrance, a way of honoring that love until both she and her husband can be united again.  Why, then, should one try to overcome it?  It is not an illness to be cured, but a means of cherishing the unfathomable beauty of an undying love."  ~Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author, Lessons from the Light

"I have lived what Nancy writes about and know that only love is immortal.  Because of the difficulties people have dealing with loss and death we are unprepared when it comes into our lives.  Only you can fix yourself and heal your wounds and life but Nancy's experience and words can help to coach and guide you through this difficult time."  ~Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Buddy's Candle and Faith, Hope & Healing

"Stop Trying to Fix Me: I'm Grieving As Fast As I Can is a beautiful testament to the fact that love is truly eternal.  Nancy Clark takes readers on an incredible journey through love and loss as she grieves the passing of her husband Ched.  She helps us to understand that each person's grieving process is unique and should be respected as such.  "Nowhere in history will the same thoughts be going on in anyone's mind, soul and spirit," she writes.  "Grieving is unique to everyone going through it and it is important that we don't compare our reactions to another's, or one person's pain to another's.  We all hurt when we face the death of a loved one.  Pain is pain, no matter how it looks on the outside.  We need to express our grief in a way that feels most real to us."  Death is not the end.  It is a continous journey of the soul and when we are willing and ready, it will lead us to live purposely.  It will eventually bring us to a new beginning, a new life."  ~Josie Varga, author, Visits from Heaven and Visits to Heaven

"Nancy Clark is an amazing "earth angel" and you'll want to benefit from her wisdom.  She emanates light and love in her writing and her life.  I'm more psychic when she's around and, on two occasions, I've seen her high inner energy affect electronic device functioning.  This book will help heal those who are grieving and guide those who are trying to help them."  ~Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, author of Soul Proof and Radiant Wellness

"Nancy Clark is a national award-winning author and coordinator for the Columbus, Ohio Friends of IANDS group. She has experienced both near-death and near-death-like events, her cases in several of my books (among them Beyond the Light). Her husband died, and even though she knew what awaited him on the Other Side, she still found his passing hard to take. Her book, Stop Trying to Fix Me: I'm Grieving As Fast As I Can is a rare find.  There must be a gazillion books by now about how to handle grief, loss, and separation.  But rare is there something written about loss in the middle of that loss, grief in the middle of seemingly endless tears, separation from the moment of separating one's love from one's lover, a forever and only life partner...the body gone, the voice no where to be heard, smells fading away.  She shares the sometimes almost heartless attempts of others to "cure her of her sorrow" - in a searingly honest testimony.  It took courage for Nancy Clark to write this book.  For the reader, for anyone dealing with grief and loss, this book offers emotional support - for that "right now" kind of pain that sometimes lingers longer than expected and takes you in different directions than you might have ever imagined.  Thank you Nancy, for penning a book of soul-speak."  ~PMH Atwater, LHD, author of many books dealing with her research work on near-death experiences