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Nancy's Experiences

Our real "home" that many near-death and near-death-like experiencers report, is a realm where the Light and unconditional love surpasses any imagined ideas of paradise.  Those who went "home" temporarily, came back to tell the rest of us some astonishing stories of their journey home.  Let's take a look at what Nancy Clark tells us about the journey she took twice.

A pivotal moment occurred during the birth of Nancy's first child in the early 60's when she was diagnosed with having eclampsia of pregnancy, a potentially life-threatening medical condition marked by extremely high blood pressure, edema, convulsions and death.  Nancy died during childbirth. During those moments she had a near-death experience.  Her spirit lifted out of her body and from ceiling level,  she watched the frantic medical team as they tried to bring her back to life.  She travelled through a dark void, experienced tremendous unearthly peace and she saw the Light of unconditional love.  She wanted to remain "home," with the Light of God, but it wasn't her time. Disappointed, she chose to return back to life.  Nancy recovered in the morgue!

In 1979, Nancy had a second profoundly deep transcendent experience identical in form and content to a near-death experience with one exception: Nancy was not close to death this second time. In fact, she was delivering a eulogy at the time of this second experience.  Nancy Clark is living proof that coming close to death is NOT the only way that individuals can have this type of mystical transcendent experience and an encounter with the Divine. In fact, many saints, mystics, and prophets down through the ages have had encounters with the Divine without being close to death.  Perhaps the most recognized account is that of Paul on the road to Damascus. Nancy's second experience is closely identified with Paul's account and bears witness to the fact that when the Divine calls someone for a Divine purpose, it will be performed in such a miraculous way that it leaves no doubt in the person's mind as to "who" initiated that experience.

Through some unexplainable enhanced perception, Nancy "saw" her deceased friend's spirit standing with her at the podium as she began speaking the eulogy.  She then experienced an out-of-body episode and encountered a Being of Light she perceived as God.  "My eyes were beholding the luminous energy of the Light of God and my entire being pulsated with ecstasy as I acknowledged the presence of God. I recognized the Light again from my first near-death experience and I was overjoyed beyond words."

Nancy merged into oneness with the Light and she was flooded with an outpouring of pure, Divine unconditional love beyond human comprehension.  Infinite and perfect love was being infused into her being so awesome that it still brings tears to Nancy's eyes whenever she tries to speak of this ineffable part of her journey "home" again.  Nancy says, "Every nook and cranny of my being was bombarded with what seemed to be a nuclear explosion of Divine, unconditional love."

Nancy's experience continued to deepen and manifest the following features identical to those of a near-death-experience: unearthly peace; traveling at a fast-rate of speed into a dark space; a life review and total knowledge. Nancy wanted to stay with the Light of God but was told, "It's not your time yet, you have to return." The Light told her to become a communicator  to help raise human consciousness to one of love and peace. She was also told to write a book revealing what she learned while in the Light's Holy Presence.  She was given a fast-forward life preview of what her mission or calling would entail. Once Nancy promised the Light of God she would serve in this capacity, she was sent back into physical consciousness, leaving behind, the home of all homes, beyond space and time.

Nancy's life completely changed following that miraculous,transcendent experience. The aftereffects she experienced are also identical with what researchers have identified among the near-death experience population.  The changes Nancy experienced include: the loss of the fear of death; becoming more spiritually oriented transcending divisions of religious sectarianism; appreciation for the beauty of life; love and concern for others; loss of interest in materialism; increase in paranormal development; charismatic personality; increased intelligence; latent talents and abilities surfaced; a sense of the meaning and purpose of life among other changes.

Webster's Dictionary states that a miracle is "an event or effect in the physical world deviating from the known laws of nature, or transcending our knowledge of these laws."  It is therefore, a supernatural event where the laws of nature are temporarily suspended.  A true miracle is Holy, has meaning, and comes from God.  Always, miracles are callings that change lives and lift human hearts closer to God. Nancy Clark has indeed experienced a genuine miracle.  Click "Hear His Voice" on the Home Page of this web site to read more about this miracle in her book Hear His Voice, The Light's Message for Humanity: Revelations From a Woman Who Came Back From Heaven's Door Twice

Because Nancy had both a near-death experience and another one very similar to it without being close to death, she is in an excellent position to compare them both.  She is adamant that there is no difference.  The Light of unconditional love is the same Light whose transforming power changes people's lives allowing them to live from a higher moral and spiritual code.

Nancy Clark is passionate about helping others to draw closer to the Divine presence within all of us. Divine love surrounds us every day, but often times we have blinders on and fail to recognize Divine intervention in our own lives. We often disregard those wonderful moments as mere coincidences instead of recognizing that a loving, benevolent Spiritual power is intervening to bring us comfort, guidance, and loving assistance.