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This book will help your heart to grow and take you where you are meant to go, 'home', to the inner sanctuary of your awareness of the Divine Presence within.  The wisdom in this book is remembering and affirming who you truly are, not separate from God, but one with God. A catalyst for transformation, each 'My Beloved' message renews our mind by the loving affirmations of God, always bringing us closer into His Loving Eternal embrace. Pay attention,this wisdom; it will change your life. The Beloved is calling you 'home'.
The 70 minute audio CD, "God Is Closer Than We Think" which is included in the book is, by itself, worth the price of the book! Nancy's soft-spoken voice is a very soothing and loving voice that captures the essence of the message she is bringing to the listener. You can't help feeling as if your heart is being caressed by a love greater than oneself. Nancy invites us to share that love with her as we listen to her speak of what her Great Teacher, the Light of God, revealed to her during her near-death-like experience.
From the book:
Many of us have been brought up to believe that God is separate from us and that God lives far away somewhere.  That is what I believed until one day in 1979 while delivering a eulogy for a dear friend, I was engulfed in a brilliant white Light, the likes of a trillion suns merged into one.  My spirit-self transcended upwards and into the Light of God, and into the Eternal Sacred Realm. The miracle of this revelation experience is very similar to what the Apostle Paul experienced on the road to Damascus.  Divine unconditional love beyond human comprehension was infused into my entire being as the Holy One began to teach me about man's true nature.  I was instructed to help people to return to our connection to the Divine Loving Presence within, our Source for ultimate happiness, love, joy and peace.  My life from that moment on has never been the same. This book is the result of listening to God's still small Voice within, encouraging me to help others connect with the Creator's Light and to ultimately fulfill our birthright as expressions of the Divine.
The deepest and most lasting happiness that human beings can experience is to awaken to our innate spiritual connection to our Source within - the Light of God.  A beautiful inner warmth illumines our soul as we sense a connection to the Divine Loving Presence within.  The soul is filled with the sweetness of the Divine Presence, the Source of life, wisdom, light and love.  This Divine undercurrent of God's Presence in our lives is the ultimate fulfillment of our soul's deepest desires.
This book was written to provide a deeper awareness of self and to open the heart to achieve greater harmony with the Sacred.  Each 'My Beloved' message has a unique vision and power to manifest some aspect of life's deepest force, our deep-seated spiritual identity. The words are meant to be  tools for transformation.  When one senses the deep states of reverence, joy, peace, and love that are invoked within one's heart as the words are read, suddenly the words take on an honest and truthful meaning for the believer.  Then an amazing thing happens; the individual begins to sense the Divine Presence, the mystery beyond form that is one with his/her own Presence.

Sample Messages from MY BELOVED

MY BELOVED, Keep your mind and heart supple, soft and flexible. When you allow your consciousness to expand you will see and hear with your heart instead of your physical senses.

MY BELOVED, I have wonderful things to tell you when you quiet yourself to Hear My Voice. My Voice is like the whisper of a snowflake falling on your cheek. Softly and quietly, you can listen from your inner ears to keep My Holy Spirit within you inter-twined with your heart and soul. You will Hear My Voice.

MY BELOVED, The extent to which you choose love, peace and joy will determine the quality and quantity of the Divine Life you will lead.

MY BELOVED, You are a seed rooted in the soil of My Love. If you water and nurture your seedling by honoring and serving Me, you will grow into a beautiful flower in the garden of My Heart where no weeds will ever grow.

MY BELOVED, Prayer expands your soul and unites it to My Holy Spirit. Lift your heart into My Love amid the turmoil of your earthly life and rest, in the blessing of deep peace.

MY BELOVED, Every day you are learning to walk a path which is leading you back to Me. Everything that happens today is an opportunity to grow in love, to grow closer to My Divine Love, your eternal Home.



An amazing power of My Beloved: Messages From God's Heart To Your Heart is being discovered by those who have read this inspiring book.  Claudia Carawan, singer, songwriter experienced an increase of creativity while reading the book.  She was so inspired, she wrote a song based on the book, called "More Than You Know" and included this song on her recent CD, "Fearless." 
Others claim that when they felt in need of hope, they opened the book randomly to a message and it was as if they were "led" to that particular message which spoke directly to their need at that particular time.
This is not a coincidence. It bears witness to the power of the Divine, whose Voice is trying to get humanity's attention through all means possible.  The author of My Beloved feels she was only the pencil in the hand of the Divine while writing this remarkable book. "I got out of my own way while writing this book, and prayed for the guidance to write it honoring the Divine within. An amazing thing happened. It was as if God were whispering the words in my ear, and all I had to do was write them down.  The entire time I was writing this book I felt like I was being supersaturated with Divine Love, a love that is beyond human description. I didn't want to stop writing this book; it was so overwhelming an experience with the Beloved within. It is my sincere hope that people will find out for themselves the messages that our Beloved wants them to receive." 
Endorsements for the book:
Praise for My Beloved
“The author of Hear His Voice has brought yet another treasure into the world. This book is a stunningly beautiful collection of glimmering spiritual pearls. It picks up where her last book left off, further elucidating the path we all so deeply wish to travel. You’ll want to take your time reading through it, because it’s absolutely packed with insights. This is one book where nothing is unimportant - nothing. The writing is both beautiful and concise, which places this among the very rarest of written works. Coming through this author, it is my opinion that the words can be trusted fully, and this exceptional book has my very highest recommendation.”
 -William W. Hoover, M.D.
“Nancy Clark’s passion to share the joy of the power of one’s relationship with God is evident on each and every page of her labor of love, My Beloved.  Every thought she shares can bring us closer to that intimate relationship with God that He cherishes.”
 -Jim Tressel, Ohio State Football Head Coach
“My Beloved should be read slowly, carefully…like when aligning one pearl after the other on a necklace… This book is indeed a treasure and I hope it will be read by many.”
 -Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino, author, Talking With Angel about Illness, Death and Survival. Co-author with Kenneth Ring, PhD, Lessons From the Light.
“My Beloved is an ecstatic expression of the immediacy of the Divine Presence, that transformative reality that is waiting for those who are willing to open their mind and heart.”
 -Larry Dossey, M.D., author, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things
“My Beloved is a glorious book that brought tears to my eyes. The more I read, the more I felt deeply connected to the universal Divine Presence within us all, a Sacred Presence that seemed to accompany me on this simple, but marvelous literary journey. Nancy is a pure channel for Divine love and wisdom. Communing with the essence of My Beloved’s profound message, could very well change your life!
 -Martha St. Claire, M.A., Counselor, Educator

“My Beloved, by Nancy Clark, is a book of inspired words of wisdom which bring comfort to the heart, peace to the soul and, when practically applied, Divine expression in life.”
 -Vernon Sylvest, M.D., author, The Formula

“This book is the product of an immense Love - open it anywhere and find the message God wants you to know deeply at that and any other moment.”
 Rev. John W. Price, Houston, Texas

“Nancy does it again with her profound insight! This new book is a fascinating combination where Western NDE meets Eastern Chinese Proverbs. Very well done!”
 -Jody A. Long, JD, NDERF (

“For me, this book stands out as one of the best books I have ever read.  It offers a rare opportunity to actually experience something deeper, something that the human heart has always longed for - intimacy with a deeply personal God.”
 -Gene Wheeler,  Philadelphia, PA
“Nancy Clark’s first book, Hear His Voice, explained eloquently about the voice (His Voice) ever present at the center of every heart guiding us all to live our lives through the prism of Love - if only we would listen. In Nancy’s newest offering, My Beloved, she shares the many heavenly bits of spiritual wisdom which His Voice has gently whispered to her soul.
 -Mark Lutz, Powell, Ohio

“One can understand doctrine, be faithful to religious practice, and strive for virtue, yet still not experience deep personal union with God - which is the point of it all. Nancy Clark’s My Beloved… is a wonderful instrument for deepening that union. It is equally beneficial for beginning seekers and veteran theologians.”
 Jim Auer, journalist and author

“Once again God speaks to us through Nancy Clark with an invitation to stair step closer to Him. We are presented with this opportunity in My Beloved. We can Hear His Voice in these wonderful messages of hope, love, and joy and apply them to our daily lives.”
 -Pat Stillisano, DDS

“Every time I pause to read My Beloved: Messages From God’s Heart To Your Heart, my outlook gets lifted and I experience more energy, increased creativity and a greater appreciation of God within. Nancy has written a book that will inspire many and help them feel closer to the presence of God.”
 -Claudia Carawan, Singer, Songwriter

“Each page is full and rich - full of love and rich with peace - and for me, each message was a message from God’s heart to MY heart. Bless you, Nancy, for gifting our world with these messages of love, pure love.”
 -Joyce Fisher Pierce, Senior Minister, Unity Christ Church of Bon Air, Richmond, VA

“In this book, Nancy Clark exudes such a profound purity and essence that one can only come to know from having ‘been there’ …experiencing direct communion with the Light and being enveloped in unconditional love as a result of her near-death and spiritually transformative experiences. There is nothing pretentious or ego-driven here. There is only love in these pages, no judgement, no fear, and, as a fellow experiencer, I can attest that the messages contained in these pages are wholly real.”
 -Rev. Juliet Nightingale, Exp.D., Radio Show Host, Counsellor

“Destined to become an important book for the spiritually inclined person. A truly exceptional book! This is one book I intend to keep forever.”
 Connie McMann, Atlanta, Georgia

My Beloved is ideal for entire congregations, study groups, women's circles, support groups, prayer partners, and individual reflection.

My Beloved: Messages From God's Heart To Your Heart, which includes a 70-minute audio CD entitled 'God Is Closer Than We Think'.

There is also a 2 hour disc audio CD version of the My Beloved book read by a professional voice-over, Jerry Carrier. Does not include the audio CD "God Is Closer Than We Think."