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Hear His Voice

If you are looking for a good book which has earned a national award, then you have come to the right place!


Imagine what it would be like for the human spirit to experience, embrace and be transformed by the Universal Love that created the entire universe.  Is that Divine Love trying to get humanity's attention during these turbulent days?

In this book, Nancy Clark lovingly opens her heart to share the Light's message of love and hope for humanity and to tell us there is indeed a transcendent component to the human experience.

In the early 1960s Nancy died during childbirth, had a near-death experience and experienced the Light's immense love for her.  She wanted to remain with the Light forever, but returned from Heaven's door and woke up in the morgue.  In 1979, her soul was "invited" once again by the Light to enter more deeply into the realm of the Sacred, an experience so profound that nothing is ever the same again.  This "near-death-like" experience proves there are many triggers for the release of the soul to transcend the physical dimension and enter into the Ultimate Reality.  Coming close to death is only one trigger.  What happens to you during the experience is what matters, not what brings you into it.

The implications of what Nancy has to share with us are immense.  Our indestructible spiritual nature is revealed with clarity about life's existential questions: Who am I, Why am I here, Is there a God?  Hear His Voice will bring new radiations of Light to the reader coming from the original Source.  It can change your life!

With a foreword written by Kenneth Ring, PhD; Professor Emeritus, Psychology, University of Connecticut; Author, Lessons From the Light

What Others Are Saying About HEAR HIS VOICE 

"Hear His Voice" is an ecstatic, inspiring account. It shows that mysticism-that universal encounter with the Divine is alive in our modern world."

 ~ Larry Dossey, M.D. ~ author of Prayer Is Good Medicine and Healing Words.


"Extremely revealing and honest, Hear His Voice is written with gentleness that touches the root of the human spirit and assures us that the miracle and mystery of our true spiritual nature is authentic."

~ Rodney Charles ~ best selling author of Every Day a Miracle Happens.


"Nancy Clark speaks with the gentle wisdom gained through a Divine encounter. Read and pay attention. The truth you will find in Hear His Voice will set you free."

~ Vernon Sylvest, M.D. ~ author of The Formula: Who Gets Sick, Who Gets Well, Who is Unhappy, Who is Happy and Why.


"Nancy Clark's book moved me to tears of happiness. She has a message about God's love in action, which will touch people deeply and motivate them to seek their own encounter with God. Like all who have been graced with mystical experience, she understands that we are never apart from God and never unloved by God. Her story will help others to understand that and to orient themselves to God-centered living." 

~ John W. White M.A.T. ~ internationally known author of 15 books, including The Meeting of Science and Spirit, Pole Shift, and A Practical Guide to Death and Dying, Former director of Education, The Institute of Noetic Science; Editor of What Is Enlightenment?


"Hear His Voice is a fervently-told, spirit-filled account of the transformative effects that flow out of encounters with the Divine as well as the resulting insights into ultimate reality. Nancy Clark's account will be an illuminating book for all those interested in learning about mystical experiences that occur in our own world."

~ Steven Fanning, PhD ~ associate professor of history, University of Illinois at Chicago; author of Mystics of the Christian Tradition.


"Hear His Voice-how can I review this book? My heart flows through its pages and I find myself saying, "You and I, Nancy." This passion we feel, day and night it never leaves us, always there, always breathing its own breath through us. God! One with the One. There is no other reality, no other way, no other life. You have shared your passion in this special book, your own encounter with the God of Your Being that continues to live and breathe in you. And I have shared my passion in the research I have done, pressed on by that Voice, God, the Voice that spoke to me in my third near-death experience. You flower more than I in the music of your words, still, it's the same Source, the same Love, the same Joy. I congratulate you! You completed this book, a gift to the One who gifted you, a gift to all who may touch it, read it, and be moved by it. It's God. And I rejoice with you in the power of that knowing. We share that, you and I, that moment in God's Presence. That moment that defined all our other moments. Bless you, dear sister soul, for inviting God to speak through you so that others might awaken and remember what is already written in their hearts."

~ PMH Atwater, L.H.D. Ph.D (Hon) ~ author of Coming Back to Life, Beyond the Light, Future Memory, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences, We Live Forever, As You Die (CD and DVD), The New Children and the Fifth World, and Prophecy and Evolution (released in Fall, 2005).


"Reading Hear His Voice brought me to absolute tears— - both of ecstatic joy and sorrow.  As a modern day mystic, Nancy's experiences are not unlike those of bygone mystics— - even from biblical days— - who endured such hostile ridicule as a result of their profound and deep communion with Source.  Nancy's heartfelt account will grip you to the core of your being and lift you to the greatest heights as you read this candid report of a one-on-one encounter and communion with the Light and the magnitude of unconditional love that one can only come to know through such experiences.  As one who's always had a special and very personal relationship with Source, Nancy's connection was validated as a result of her Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) and the horrible fear-based lies from the priest she encountered were finally put to rest.  We are reminded not only to remember and honor our own direct link to Source, but to trust in the communion that is always available for us— - to listen to and trust that sacred Voice that speaks to everyone.  Nancy's account is so clearly and eloquently delivered and truly centered in love, you cannot help but know its authenticity!  This book truly is a must read!"

- Rev. Juliet Nightingale, Exp.D ~ mystic, journalist and host of the NDE radio show, Toward The Light.


Kenneth Ring, PhD, considered the world's finest scientific near-death experience researcher wrote the foreword to Hear His Voice and writes in part, "it is her distinctive voice that speaks for Him in this book and when she speaks for Him, her voice is inspired. You can feel the Truth in it, and when you open yourself to it, you, too, will be able to open yourself to your true nature, which is only love, and, by awakening this love in yourself, to act more lovingly in the world."



Hear His Voice has been favorably reviewed by PMH Atwater, L.H.D. (Hon), long considered the world's foremost research expert on the aftereffects of NDEs. Her review of Hear His Voice was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies, a highly respected Journal dedicated to the research studies of NDEs.

In the Vol. 24 No. 1, Fall 2005 Journal of Near-Death Studies, Dr. Atwater wrote in part in her review the following: "What makes Nancy Clark's case so fascinating, and her book so special, is that she first experienced a near-death episode, then years later had a near-death-like one - the second, the most powerful. Throughout her book I kept hearing and seeing the thousands of people I have had the privilege of interviewing and studying. After 26 years of doing this, I still cannot tell the difference between a near-death experience and near-death-like experience - except for the environment of what triggered the episode. For all extents and purposes, it is the same phenomenon with the same life-changing aftereffects. The fact that Nancy Clark experienced both, yet feels the first one "served as a means of further preparing me for my actual union with God during my mystical experience in 1979," demands our attention. The Nancy Clark's of the world challenge the field of near-death studies. Cases like hers are why I no longer consider the near-death experience to be a separate anomaly, but rather, part of the larger genre of transformational events that significantly or radically change an individual's consciousness, hence his or her life-style and behavior."


Review by William W. Hoover, MD

A Loving, Humble, and Intelligent Masterpiece that's also BELIEVABLE!

This is a marvelous book that's written with profound eloquence, beauty, love and wisdom. As a person who's recently been awakened, or reawakened, to the quest for spiritual communion, this book has been - —both literally and figuratively - —a "Godsend" to me! The author meticulously builds a foundation of credibility throughout the earlier parts of the book. This is done through an eloquent and courageous disclosure of intimate details of her personal life. Her three major communions with God are magnificently interwoven into the tapestry of her life's story. The wisdom that follows is then easily recognized as truth, and it's written with both love and intelligence. Thus, there are several things that make this book truly special: its credibility; its courageous and humble autobiographical component; its beautiful description of mystical encounters; and its wisdom, which is expressed with such profound love and intelligence — - both.

The credibility of this book is perhaps its most singularly outstanding attribute. There's quite a bit of talk and banter about "spirituality" these days, and many people seem to be getting into the act. I am a diagnostic surgical pathologist and cytopathologist, and the default tendency toward skepticism is a strongly entrenched product of my training as a physician. I've also been in the "real world" workplace for over 13 years, and this has primarily served to reinforce that academically instilled skepticism on a practical level. So I was rather shocked when, having chosen this book because it seemed to be exactly what I was yearning for, I looked at the "About the Author" section and saw that Nancy Clark is a cytotechnologist! For those who don't know, it should be pointed out that cytotechnology is field that requires INTENSE concentration over prolonged periods of time with immensely important medical decisions riding on the cytotechnologist's diagnostic accuracy and ability to sometimes find a needle in a haystack. It is truly a mentally demanding profession and not a hospitable realm for flighty nut cases. I hold this group of people in extremely high regard! I didn't know she was one until AFTER I opened the book.

More important than any professional affiliation is the author's OBVIOUS honesty, which can be gleaned by any reader with even the most meager bit of common sense. There are several passages that point towards an unmistakable veracity of the narrative. For example, when describing her first mystical encounter, which was a short near death experience, if she were lying but trying to "make us believe" her, she would NOT have disclosed that her medical records failed to document the resuscitation effort and her having been discovered alive after removing the body sheet from her face, and then passing out. Instead, she would have omitted, glossed over, or even lied about the failure of medical documentation. If she were just trying to sell a story, it is also unlikely that she would disclose that her own family had, at least initially, not believed her story about the mystical encounter she had with The Light of God during the eulogy she gave, but disclose she did. If she were dishonest, or even if she were just exaggerating, is it likely that she'd point out that, due to failing vision, she had occasionally mourned for tire treads on the roadside that she had initially mistaken for dead animals? Um.....I don't think so!

The author also makes it abundantly clear that for much of her adult life, her thinking was primarily left-brained and quite firmly grounded in the physical "reality." For example, when she sits alone out in the countryside pondering words for her deceased friend's eulogy, she feels his presence, yet like most of us when faced with such an intuitive knowing, has the urge to dismiss it.

She writes, "A feeling of John's spiritual presence beside me startled me. My visual perception did not observe any shape or form of John. Yet I knew beyond my discerning intellect that what I was sensing deep within my inner self was true. My analytical brain was always trying to steer me away from my true feelings within with scolding words like, "This can't be. John is dead. There has to be an explanation for this." I reasoned that my mind was playing tricks on me, yet at the same time, I knew that I was experiencing something very real! When I acknowledged my friend's presence I felt totally relaxed and at peace. Only when my intellect and analytical side dominated by attempting to judge that moment, did I feel confused and startled."

In chapter 12, she states that, "I have an analytical mind that often times questions whether I am indeed receiving Divine Inspiration, or am simply being guided by my ego-driven self. If I am skeptical, my impulse is to dismiss the information." From the perspective of someone less spiritually aware (me), these acknowledgements of left brained, analytical orientation are rather comforting. Near the beginning of the book, the author asks us to read from our heart, not our head. That's a beautiful sentiment and sage advice. Still, it's refreshing to know that, with this book about spirituality, we don't have to park our brains at the door!

The telling of her personal life engages the reader with its poignant beauty, humility and, and unmistakable resonance of truthfulness. As a child, raised in a strict Ukrainian Catholic tradition, she communicated with God during long church services and one day even heard his voice. Her dreadful encounters with the authoritarian priest in the context of her marrying a non-Catholic are compellingly told. Her subsequent descent into spiritual limbo and the loss of her close friend, which was intimated to her in a prophetic dream, are heartbreaking, but somehow they fit into a grander plan. The plan included her mystical encounter with the Light of God during the eulogy, with the knowledge and wisdom gained from that communion.

It is this wisdom that is conveyed so eloquently, with such love and intelligence, that is the most profound part of this magnificent book. This is presented in great detail, yet with manifest empathy and compassion. It's so beautifully written that it's possible for the reader to miss some of the main points, which are sprinkled liberally throughout the book. But even that's not a problem, because there's a concise synopsis of the main points at the end of the book. The message of unconditional love and acceptance from the Creator near the end of the book is one of this book's many highlights. What makes it even sweeter is the unmistakable conclusion that this book is a work of NON-fiction.

William W. Hoover, M.D.


Review by Bill McDonald  ~ American Authors Association

A Sincere Look At The Mystical

There are some things about Nancy Clark’'s wonderfully written book, Hear His Voice, that readers will find captivating, entertaining and very inspirational.  Her sincere story-telling style and pure honesty come through in her autobiographical look at her spiritual life.

Her life story is both amazing and thought-provoking; yet it comes across with almost a child-like trust that those who read her story will understand what she has discovered on her own spiritual journey.  Certainly she has bared her very soul and offered herself up for judgements.

The book will open up new vistas of understanding for some while perhaps confirming what some others already believe. In either case, it makes little difference because the story and the lessons she has learned and shares make fascinating reading. It is one of those undiscovered little books that could become a best seller if published by a mainstream publishing house. Certainly the book’s cover does not do justice to what is inside it and on its pages!

Nancy Clark comes across as that kind of friend that you would most enjoy spending some time with and talking about spiritual matters over a cup of tea. She is not pretentious in any way nor are there any signs of a big ego. She simply tells it like it happened and trusts that people will sort it out in their own way with an open mind and heart.

She has this profound mystical experience and it is the exploration of this spiritual event in her life that alters and changes her forever. She shares some of what she has learned from that experience and what it means to her and how she lives her life.

If you enjoy reading about spiritual and mystical matters and are looking for a book that will give you some personal spiritual growth — then this book is the one you are looking for!

I enjoyed the book very much and could identify with what she was saying in many ways — as I think other readers will as well. I gave this book The American Authors Association'’s highest book rating of FIVE STARS — and I also nominate it for one of their annual book awards for outstanding non-fiction! The book is really that good! I give this my personal endorsement and recommendation.   This is a must-read and must-buy book!

Bill McDonald