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Nancy Clark's life was transformed forever by a near-death and near-death-like experience that resulted in her passion to show us that humans can experience the reality of their true, authentic self - the self that is rooted in the divine and brimming with love for all humanity.

She has been researching spiritually transformative experiences for thirty years and now in this ground-breaking book, she has compiled diverse spiritually transformative experiences happening to ordinary people today. The experiences are varied and include near-death, near-death-like experiences, out-of-body experiences, after-death communications, spiritual awakenings, religious conversion, meditative, prayerful, and mystical experiences.

  • Learn how these individuals awakened to a new understanding of their deepest assumptions about the eternal questions: Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life?
  • Learn how their inner wisdom can assist all of us in understanding that we are more than biological beings; we are spirits of consciousness that are gifted with a love born of our divine nature.

What lies beyond the quantum comes from the mouths of these brave souls who have been invited through the veil to unseen worlds. They tell us what they experienced so that humanity will begin to perceive that we are all an integral part of this multi-layered creation.  This is one book you will definitely want to read!

Deeply inspiring true-life stories revealed, not to show that special experiences happen only to some people, but to tell everyone that we are all watched over with love.


"Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences is an important contribution to a great awakening that is taking place in the world now. God is reaching out to many people in numerous ways to change humankind. Most people would agree we need a change in human consciousness, and this is exactly what Nancy Clark has researched and presents. Through these testimonies one receives hope and faith that God is involved in this critical and timely spiritual awakening. You have got to be inspired by the love."   ~Reverend Howard Storm, Best-selling author, My Descent Into Death

"Spiritually transformative experiences are a fact of human history, a driving force affecting individuals and often the course of entire nations. They are quite common and arise unbidden, as a blessing or grace. In each instance they reveal that there is Something More that transcends our mundane, day-to-day existence. Divine Moments is a marvelous collection of these experiences that will enrich the life of anyone who reads them."   ~Larry Dossey, M.D, Best-Selling Author: Reinventing Medicine, The Power of Premonitions, and Prayer Is Good Medicine

"Divine Moments brilliantly demonstrates that spiritual experiences can happen to anyone at any time. Profound transformations in so many once ordinary lives are the result of profound experiences with consistent messages of love, compassion, knowledge and purpose. What becomes increasingly clear is that physical circumstances at the time of the experience are irrelevant. Nancy Clark makes a convincing case that these experiences, therefore, must come from a realm beyone our current understanding of science and reality."   ~Yolaine M. Stout, President American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

"Near-death experiences (NDEs), have been increasingly embedded in the fabric of our culture over the 36 years that Dr. Raymond Moody coined the term. Nancy Clark had benefited from her first near-death experience beginning 15 years before Dr. Moody's landmark book, Life After Life,and has been studying these profoundly elucidating experiences ever since. With Divine Moments, she presents the poignant and passionate stories of individual's concerning their mystical experiences transcending our earthly realm - without being "near-death." In addition, she offers her deep wisdom concerning the true value of these phenomena based on her extensive life study. All people have access to these same mystical experiences, which can change their lives in meaningful ways - through prayer, meditation, loving relationships with animals, the "gift of desperation," or just being open to them under the right circumstances, such as living through the difficulties of human existence.

A profound sense of the true mystery of the nature of consciousness has permeated the field of neuroscience and the Philosophy of Mind over the last few decades. This awareness among scientists and philosophers is opening the door to a wider acceptance of the validity of these mystical experiences in the understanding of our existence, and the possibility that mind might exist independently of the brain. The momentum from many different directions is leading towards a fundamental change in human consciousness, offering hope and peace to a troubled world. Divine Moments provides a keystone to that global conscious awakening, bringing the mystical and the Divine to all of us - in this life!"   ~Eben Alexander III, M.D. Neuroscientist, near-death experiencer, author.

Quote from the Foreword written by William H. Hoover, M.D.

"Near-death experiences have long been recognized as highly significant events that transform people's lives, and the literature about them is extensive and familiar. However, in this book, Nancy Clark describes an equally significant phenomenon, the spiritually transformative near-death-like experience. Her voice is now joined by a host of others, in a beautifully diverse and powerful testimony of hope and love. So, if you have ever wondered whether it's possible for "ordinary" people like you and me to experience the Divine without approaching death, you have found the answer in this book, and that is no mere coincidence either."  

Five-Star Review of Divine Moments by Ken Ring, PhD;World?s Foremost Near-Death Experience Researcher; Psychology Professor Emeritis, University of CT, and Author

There are now scores of books about near-death experiences, those brief excursions into a realm of unutterable peace, complete acceptance and absolute love that have inspired so many of us who have learned about these transcendent states reported by many thousands of individuals who have survived such journeys and lived to tell about them. But there are relatively few books, such as Nancy Clark's Divine Moments, that recount the stories of people who have had the same kind of transformative experience without coming close to death. Indeed, the evidence suggests that there are many more such people-surely millions of them-who have had essentially the same kind of spiritual revelation in any number of ways, none of them associated with any near-death crisis, that the near-death experience affords. Because of the inherent drama associated with near-death experiences, however, and the fact they have been studied by doctors and other professionals and featured so often on television, they have received a great deal of attention over the past 35 years or so, ever since Raymond Moody published his ground-breaking book on the subject, Life After Life. And because Moody labeled these episodes "near-death experiences," those who had them could easily be identified by this term.

But the persons who have had the same kind of experience without its being triggered by the onset of death, because they have never had a similar label applied to them and are therefore much more difficult to identify, have largely been overlooked. Indeed, I know from my own experience that they have sometimes been made to feel that their own stories have been slighted, both by researchers and the general public, simply because theirs were not occasioned by the drama of a near-death event.

This omission is finally being rectified and it is the signal contribution of Nancy Clark's book to bring to a wider public many of these stores, which she rightly calls 'spiritually transformative experiences,' or, alternatively, 'near-death-like experiences.' Clark has diligently searched for such people - 'ordinary people,' for the most part, she says - who were willing to tell her their stories, and in this book she presents over 40 of them. The reader soon sees that these people for the most part describe experiences that replicate classic near-death experiences, and, perhaps even more important, tend to lead to the same kind of changes afterward - greater compassion for others and reverence for all life, wanting to be of service to others, decreased materialism, loss of the fear of death, etc. These testimonies that Clark has compiled are deeply moving and very inspirational to read.

But there is far more in this book than an anthology of inspirational stories. And that is because of the author herself has had not only a near-death experience in connection with the birth of one of her children, where she was actually left for dead, but some years later, in 1979, an even more profound spiritually transformative experience while - of all things! - delivering a eulogy for a dear friend. In one chapter of her book - a chapter that is so luminous that it seems to be written in words of light - Clark describes both of these extraordinary encounters with the divine, and to me, this chapter alone would make the book worth reading. And what you find throughout this book, in this chapter and in some of the others that the author has written, is a distillation of Clark's spiritual understanding, which is profound. Though Clark is modest and writes with a great humility, she has obviously become a spiritual teacher and this book both begins and ends by offering the reader important spiritual truths abut the nature and snares of the ego and, in contrast, the bliss and blessings of the true self, which is to be found in experiences like those she describes in this book. These chapters of Clark's give the reader so much spiritual treasure that one can only be grateful to the author for sharing her own hard-won wisdom as well as the many wonderful stories she has provided in this bountiful collection.

BOOK REVIEW: The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

by Callum E. Cooper, Research Psychologist, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

A very positive book review of Divine Moments was written in a professional, scholarly journal by Callum Cooper from the UK. His last sentence in his review states, "It is most worthy of reading for the author's unique style, take, and input, with a professionally subjective stance that does not show obvious disruption to the scholarly presentation of thought and independent research."


1.  Setting the Stage

2.  Twice at Heaven's Door: The Author's Experiences

3.  Near-Death and Near-Death-Like Experiences: What's the Difference?

4.  Can Science Prove the Unseen?

5.  Mystical Experiences

6.  Ordinary People Sharing Their Spiritually Transformative Experiences

7.  Animal Angels

8.  Awakening To Our True Nature

9.  What's Love Got To Do With It?

10. The Final Chapter


Divine Moments has also been published in Germany and translated into the German language. This is what the German publisher had to say to me about the book:

"Your book will become a big help in supporting people to speak up and dare to share their spiritual experiences. I think this is the point, where the will of our Creator shows up, where the ones who are willing to hear (and read), will hear and get the message, and where your work will be the good seed which will hopefully lead to a good harvest in helping people trust that there IS love and light - God's present to His Creation!"   ~Yoachim

Gottliche Momente is available on Germany's's website