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Since writing my books, I have received numerous emails from people wanting to share their Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Their experiences illuminate the growing numbers of individuals who have received awareness of a reality beyond this earthly realm. 

By reading their narratives, may their experiences help others to gain more knowledge of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

The following account is from Leo Smeding of the Netherlands.

I was about five years old and I was going to bed to sleep for the night. 

Almost instantaneously, I found myself in an idyllic bucolic scene. A small green valley with a hillside floating like an island in golden light. On the hillside, a few people seemed to be harvesting grain or grass (I don’t think I saw any symbolic scythes or so.) I think I knew exactly where I was. As I was looking around a man approached me. He was dressed in a kind of black monks robe, He to my mind, as I would now say, looked like a Greek orthodox monk with a black beard and his long hair in a knot. He was in his prime and somewhere further back was a young woman also in black with shortish blond curly hair (even though I was 5, I was immediately smitten.)

The man asked me what I was doing in this place as I was not to be here. I don’t recall what and if I answered. I think, but am not completely sure that I went into the light at that point and came out of it again but without conscious knowledge of what I had experienced. I just know that something happened that got wiped away and was something truly profound.

Then I found myself again with these two people. I asked the man if he was Jesus and he said “No.” I then asked if Jesus was around somewhere and the man told (I don’t know if we actually talked with external or internal voices) me that the religious stories we tell on earth don’t have the literal value in this plane of existence. I was okay with that as the man was so extraordinarily trustworthy that I would not question his words.

The woman was still there, but did not say a word to me during the whole experience. The man told me that since I was there I could pick out 5 episodes of my life to be a preview ( so I could see what my life was to be at a certain age.) I remember that he told me to pick these episodes wisely, but hey, I was a 5 year-old boy and maybe I was too much concerned with the young instead of the old me.

I clearly remember myself thinking that about 55, my life should be in order so later than that would be unnecessary. Now I am this age I feel that this was a grave mistake, as life has still not settled at all, but I don’t blame the boy I was at all as I can still see clearly his rationality in choosing what he/I did. I will not expand on what I saw about my life, but just tell you that even though at the time I thought it was completely unbelievable, it all came to pass (even that this Corona thing would shut down my wife’s practice for a while.)

My life would not be a ‘successful’ one economically or status wise, actually it would not be that easy at all and I was surely disappointed about that and I told the man so. But he told me that in another part of my life I would be successful, but that was the part not shown. (I now feel that this would be my spiritual inner life that I am happy and content with and in communicating about that may be helping some people also). So I told the man that my life to be was not that special and then he told me these still hair-raising words: “But we still love you!” Then he told me that I should go back and to not come back there again.

I then asked if they would be with me during my trials and they said that they would always be with me. I then asked about my death and when I would return to this place, but the man told me that was not to be. Why? I asked because I really want to. “No, because when you have died you will go into the Light.” This golden light was still all around and sustaining this place. I knew now my life was not going to be an easy ride, but it would only last 70 years or so. Then I woke up the next morning and tried to tell my mom that I had been to a really special place and I never felt so good in my life, but she just said, “Oh nice, let’s have breakfast.”

In a nutshell, everything came to pass as I saw it. I never felt that life was determined, but that somehow in the other reality, time has no existence as all is simultaneous.

I have an MA in philosophy as I love to think about the true ground of what reality is like, so metaphysics and ontology are my topics. I am married to my wife Linda who is a children’s physiotherapist. I have two kids (17 and 22) who are both great people. I used to work in elderly care, but life’s strange ways made me have to quit that job. I don’t have a job at this time just as I was shown, but I am okay with that. I don’t seem to fit in very well, and I guess that is exactly where I fit in. Everything is guided and we experience it all for a greater unknown reason which will be shown and known in its own “time.”

One more thing, my smaller brother had a severe traffic accident when he was about 8 years as I knew would happen. He had an NDE at that time. His life is harder than mine as he has to live with brain damage incurred during that accident, but we both love to read and talk about NDE stuff and spirituality. Life is still an adventure.

I never had an experience like this again, but during all kinds of difficult phases in life I had quite a lot of, lets say, mystical visions and dreams that were of a 'greater' or more intense reality than normal daily life. Only lately I started to communicate more about the actual vision I had as a kid, but most people just seem to ignore it (even my own family) as one of these weird things they expect me to say. I guess my (moral) view on life is not always complying with the conventional. In the adventure of our exploring our own consciousness all seems to be allowed and hopefully we will have enough compassion and humor to be able to recognize the god we are in essence as and when we judge ourselves.