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Nancy Clark's latest book: 
Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience
 and Into the Unitive Experience  

Unitive Consciousness is the rarest and highest expression of enlightenment as shown to us by Christ.

The author of Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience was gifted with mystical experiences, a near-death experience, and the very rare Unitive Experience which led her to the very heart of God. 

In her own words...

"As if a door were suddenly left ajar into some world unseen before, the fullness of my essence revealed there to be no distinction between self and God. My union with God burnt like living coals in my soul, burning with unspeakable, pure love. I lived in God; I saw and understood through God. My ego was non-existent."

The teachings of the great mystics and saints whose lives were gifted with profound union with God insist that we have the ability to be restored to "Christ Consciousness" or in other words, Unitive Consciousness. This Consciousness is the evolutionary process and the ultimate potential of our species.

The essence of everything you will learn in these pages comes down to learning of the process to discover the mysteries at the heart of our Higher Self and not the ego self. The author draws not only upon the mystics' and saints' wisdom, but also upon her own mystical knowledge given to her during her transcendent Unitive Experience. The reader will be challenged to cross the threshold into living a soulful life, one that will realize the depths of who we really are.

The near-death experience should not be taken as an isolated event or end-point of development, but should be seen in the larger context of an Awakening event that starts the experiencer on the mystical path and our inner return to our Divine Source in consciousness.

If you have not had a near-death experience, then please allow this book to serve as your official Mystical Awakening.

Endorsed by NY Times bestselling author, Jeffrey Long M.D.

Jeffrey Long, M.D. New York Times bestselling author. Author of Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences, and God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience. Dr. Long also hosts the largest near-death experience website in the entire world:

"The greatest truth I can share with humanity is that we have within us the very presence of God in what we call our soul."  This quote from Beyond the Mystical near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive experience is one example of the great truths flowing throughout Nancy Clark's latest and very important book. Nancy eloquently describes what I found in my study of over 4,000 near-death experiences. We are all one, including one with God. This book is a treasure trove of inspirational spiritual wisdom. You won't want to miss this exciting book! I enthusiastically recommend this exceptional book as essential to everyone interested in near-death experiences and spiritual enlightenment."

More Endorsements

"I highly recommend Nancy Clark's newest book entitled Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience, which explains how the fear of death should not hold power over us. Among other topics, she discusses Near Death and Unitive Experiences of the saints, mystics and herself, and also the power of a Kundalini awakening. These direct experiences have people returning knowing God, which changes their consciousness and gives them new energy. There is now a willingness to investigate the invisible side of life, feeding our minds to grow and expand. Her last chapter discusses intuition - how it is improved over time with practice - and it trains people to rely more on emotional information that comes to their body and brain. This is the type of book one needs to rid themselves of the weeds of negativity while realizing that heaven and hell are within us depending on the thoughts we have and live by. It's an excellent read!"
    ~Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD, author of Grandma, What Is a Soul?"
"Over the years, I've greatly enjoyed visiting with Nancy and reading her books. I consider her to be a highly evolved soul with a NDE and NDE-like induced 'street cred' who has much to share. Nancy is a perfect example of why Plato recommended that teachers and leaders come from the ranks of near-death experiencers. As you will learn, she perceived being invited by the Light to create this new book. All of the above factors have contributed to a uniquely powerful and important book that I highly recommend."
~Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, - Greater Reality
"Having had both a near-death experience and a unitive mystical experience - and having researched spiritually transformative experiences for nearly 40 years - Nancy Clark is in a unique position to share profound spiritual insights. This work is a generous, encouraging labor of love that will inspire readers to progress along the mystical path toward union with The Divine."   
~Ross Kardwell, President, Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education
"Over the last decade, Nancy and I have seemed to have spiritually bonded in how we see the world and the universe. In the process, I have discovered a friend with a clear, loving, honesty and clarity in her life purpose. She lives what she writes about. She walks her talk and what she believes in. Her newest addition  to her collective "spiritual energy" is her best book yet. I have fervently read every book that she has written about in her book. This book presents a loving blueprint for the heart and spirit for seekers looking for the "light within"
themselves. This book is GOLD for the soul."
    ~Rev. Bill McDonald, author of Alchemy of a Warrior's Heart, Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey; International Inspirational Speaker & Founder of The Spiritual Warrior's Ministry
"Virtually all religions recognize the unity of all things and the universal longing of individuals to identify with and become one with the Creator who is pure Love. Nancy Clark describes the "unitive experience" and provides an essential and comprehensive guide to mystical encounters and the oneness of all that is. Drawing on the writings of the mystics from many traditions, she helps us in our own journeys to enlightenment and growth that comes from the awareness of God's presence in our lives. Her personal experiences and spiritual journey remind us that the purpose of human existence is to learn from our own living and to become one with God who is pure love so that we may express that love to all others. This is a book that will help us to understand that we are a work in progress and in a continual state of becoming what God intends for us to be."
    ~Rev. Dr. Harry L. Serio, author of The Dwelling Place of Wonder, Mysticism and Ministry

Nancy received an invitation to post Chapter 3 of her book, Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience on Raymond Moody, MD website,  It is available in the archives.