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From Salt Lake City, Utah

"We have had some big names in the Near-Death Experience world, regularly having some pretty dramatic speakers, so Nancy was not addressing an audience that is unfamiliar. She is one of the most sincere, authentic, humble people I have met, a ready friendliness that bespeaks the love she speaks of experiencing. Her story is rather amazing, rather, her stories, as she has had multiples. The depth and quality of her near-death-like experience is profound, and best of all there is such joy and applicability in the messages she can share with us. I know that many experiencers in our audience, myself included, were moved to tears and re-awakened to an appreciation and pull the veil back insight into our own experience...that says a lot! We went overtime with some 200 attendees staying on without reservation. I highly recommend her to be a guest speaker at one of your meetings; you won't be disappointed."

From Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Nancy Clark spoke in Virginia Beach in 2007. During the meeting I cherished everything she said. I recommend her as a speaker to any group interested in knowing more about our relationship in God."

From Richmond, VA

"As a medical doctor with an avid interest in the role of Spirit in the practice of medicine and in life in general, I have encountered many individuals who have had what can be called revelation experiences associated with the near-death experience. Nancy Clark is one of these who is unique in that not only did she have a near-death experience, but later in life she had a revelation near-death-like experience that was not associated with physical death. The information she shares comes directly from her consicious awareness of omniscience during her revelation experience, which can accelerate the listener's own healing and growth experience. She not only shares this most useful and inspiring information in her talks; it is now also available in her books, Hear His Voice and My Beloved: Messages From God's Heart To Your Heart. The latter book travels with me in my briefcase. I refer to it frequently. Not only is Nancy an excellent speaker and a source of extremely important information, she is a delightfully enjoyable person to know and an instant good friend. As I was writing this I was thinking of words to use to describe the effect she has had and will have on audiences, and I have finally come to the conclusion that it is beyond words. I highly recommend her and encourage her consideration in your meeting plannings."

From Cleveland, Ohio

"Our church group invited Nancy to share her near-death experiences with us and we were all convinced of the authenticity of Nancy's experiences.  As she was describing her encounter with the Light of God, you could see the love welling up inside her as she described the impact this experience had upon her. Everyone in the audience was mesmerized by her story.  Everyone felt the sincerity of this woman's account.  You can't fake something like this.  We were so priviledged to have had this opportunity to be in the presence of one who brought us God's love that evening.  I would recommend Nancy very highly to anyone thinking of having an inspiring speaker for their event!


Virginia Beach IANDS group filmed a presentation by Nancy Clark on Oct. 6th, 2007. The film is available in either VHS (video) or DVD format. It is called Nancy Clark's experiences in the Light. It can be ordered either by eMail to [email protected] or by mail to: Dick Dinges, 1285 Paramore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 USA.  Pricing is as follows: $10 plus $2 S&H for individuals. For IANDS groups, it is $5, S&H included.  Make check/cheque payable to VBIANDS.

Nancy Clark was filmed for a documentary "Soul Proof" produced and directed by Andy Lee and Mark Pitstick. The documentary, about the afterlife evidence, was shown around the country to various film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival.  The film can be ordered by going to 

Nancy Clark Featured on "The Chosen" Radio Show

Nancy Clark was featured as a special guest on the radio show, The Chosen.  Here is a comment from the host of the show:

Thank you again for your appearance on the show last night. You were an awesome guest! I could tell that what happened to you was so profound and life changing.

I would like to keep in touch with you to bring you on again with more time...

                                           Thank you for you time and what you shared.

                                                                                  Ron Mills



Nancy Clark's  Welcome to the
"We Do Not Die Conference"
at Findhorn Scotland

Nancy Clark's Interview on NBC News